Wanted -more nurses!

Crisis in our UK National Health Service

Oh dear many in our National Health Service cannot find a dentist unless you pay for it!

Thousands wait weeks for surgery and as the population of the UK gets older more resources seem to be required! I was reading of one Island that has a small hospital of around 15beds for five thousand people. Many in overseas locations do not have any hospitals for miles!

I guess free health service is getting more and more stretched and eventually more and more of the treatments in UK will go private through lack of funding!

‘Nurse shortages’

There are currently an estimated 1m full time jobs across the NHS in England.

The latest figures suggest in March 2017 alone there were 30,613 full-time equivalent vacancies advertised on the NHS Jobs website – the highest total for a month since this type of data was first collected in February 2015.

And nursing and midwifery vacancies have topped the list since these figures have been collated.

The data includes adverts for doctors, dentists, administrative, clerical staff and technical and scientific staff. The figures do not include vacancies for GPs or practice staff.

But as other ways of advertising NHS jobs – including adverts seeking overseas applicants – exist, NHS officials say caution must be used when interpreting the results.

Meanwhile, a Department of Health spokesperson said: “We expect all parts of the NHS to make sure they have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time to provide safe care – which is why there are almost 32,400 more professionally qualified clinical staff including almost 11,800 more doctors, and over 12,500 more nurses on our wards since May 2010.”

‘Low wages’

Janet Davies, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said low pay and “relentless pressure” meant many nursing were leaving the profession.

Medical doctor / nurse help wanted signThe greatest health need is a heart transplant for sinful people and God carries this out by His Holy Spirit, it is free to those who repent but it is not cheap, it cost the blessed son of God His life! If we have any access to health treatment let us be thankful for medical science!  God bless you Prune B.T.


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