Delays are not denials!

Delays are not denials!

Where I live in Silloth Cumbria we have a very high rainfall and many who live near rivers get flooded!   Our weather usually comes west to east from the Atlantic and then dumps it on this beautiful area!

Yesterday we had over 4inches of rain and the drains had real problems and I was due to go to the hospital but had to phone as Police advised several roads on the way were flooded. I had to ring and make another appointment as did several folks who could not make it!

Our roof held up pretty good but water came into the living room window through a bad seal in the double glazing. So glad we were home or carpet and stuff would have been ruined. I had to get sponges and mop it up as it came through!

Over the years I have learnt that God has his hands often in delays and a reminder he is sovereign and never to boast about tomorrow or even today!

James reminds to say if God wills we should always put our plans and circumstances into His hands as He controls all things!

I am so glad we were safe not stuck in the flood and lived to fight another day and go to the hospital if the Lord wills!

Our times are in His nail pierced hands!  Bless you and try and keep dry!

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Anyone for a shoplifting tour?

Any one for a shop lifting tour?

Wow it seems folks will head for Hungerford as police won’t come out for those who take less than £100 goods!

Police in Berkshire have provoked anger by revealing they will only attend reports of shoplifting if more than £100 worth of goods have been stolen.

Locals in the town of Hungerford were shocked when Thames Valley Police’s Sgt Holly Nicholls told a meeting that the force doesn’t have the resources to attend the majority of shopkeepers’ calls.

A squeeze on police funding meant high street stores would be given a form to fill in to tell officers what had been taken, she said.

Sgt Nicholls told Hungerford Town Council: ‘We won’t be making arrests all the time and taking it through the courts – it’s not practical,’ the Newbury Weekly News reported.

‘For example, we wouldn’t necessarily deal with shopliftings of under £100 now,’ she added.

‘Our main priorities are violence against the person, burglaries, theft from motor vehicles and so on.’

It comes after the sale of Hungerford Police Station leaves the town’s nearest headquarters in Newbury, eight miles away.

The announcement has angered residents of the town whose shops are often visited by the Duchess of Cambridge and her mother Carole Middleton, who lives in nearby Bucklebury.

Mother-of-three Jayne Robertson, said: ‘This is appalling – we’re going to be flooded with criminals who know they’ll get off Scot-free if they make sure they keep the bill under £100.

‘What sort of message does this send out? What are we paying our rates for if the police won’t turn up to arrest shoplifters? It’s crazy.’

Sgt Nicholls told the council a ‘new delivery model’ is being introduced by Thames Valley Police.

She said complaints would be dealt with under a triage system, adding ‘for example, we wouldn’t necessarily deal with shopliftings of under £100 now,’ which is most cases.

Town councillor Carolann Farrell said ‘So less than £100 and you won’t be coming out to it?’ Sgt Nicholls replied ‘Yes.’

Thames Valley Police bosses today distanced themselves from the sergeant’s comments to the council, saying it was not their official policy.

They said: ‘Thames Valley Police responds to all incidents based on threat, harm and risk.

Officers will continue to investigate shoplifting offences and the local neighbourhood teams continue to work closely with businesses to assist owners with keeping their businesses safe from all types of crime.’

Discretionary disposals, created to save policing costs, were first introduced in Northern Ireland and have yet to be widely used on the British mainland.

But critics have savaged the policy. David Green, criminologist and founder of think-tank Civitas, said: ‘In areas where there are problems of disorder it could end up tipping the balance in favour of the criminal element as opposed to the law-abiding.’

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We are clear that all crimes reported to the police should be taken seriously, investigated and, where appropriate, taken through the courts and met with tough sentences.’

‘Decisions on individual investigations are an operational matter for Chief Constables.’

This makes a change from 2015 when the Home Office said: ‘This Government expects all police forces to investigate all crimes reported to them.’

Wow who said crime does not pay- soon be bus tours for shoplifters!  Wow the UK has gone mad! Keep going dear prunes! Prune B.T.Hungerford high street

Am I my sisters keeper?

Let little boys wear tiaras: Church of England issues new advice to combat transgender bullying for teachers

  • Instructions for the CofE’s 4,700 schools appear to give backing to ban on skirts
  • Some scrap the traditional girls’ uniform to avoid difficulty for trans pupils
  • Schools have been told they can’t use Bible as basis for gender identification 
  • Boys as young as five should be able to wear tiaras at school without criticism, teachers in Church of England schools are to be told.
  • Male pupils should also be free to dress up in a tutu or high heels without attracting any comment or observation, according to anti-bullying rules sent out by the Church yesterday.
  • The instructions for the CofE’s 4,700 schools said they should not require children to wear uniforms that ‘create difficulty for trans pupils’.
  • This appears to give official backing to schools that ban skirts to avoid discrimination against transgender children.
  • Schools are also told they cannot use the Christian faith or Bible teachings to justify behaviour that is considered to amount to bullying – for example, identifying a transgender pupil by a sex other than the one they have chosen. The advice contains instructions on how to report bullying, including sample forms on which teachers are encouraged to name the alleged bully and their target, and use tick boxes to describe what happened.
  • Examples include name-calling, social media trolling, or insulting gestures.
  • The rules to ‘challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying’ follow initial guidelines published by the Church three years ago which said being gay can be good and pupils should ‘revere and respect all members of the diverse community’.
  • The official teaching of the CofE, however, remains that gay sex is sinful and that members of the clergy should not be in an active sexual relationship with someone of the same sex. The Church also says marriage must continue to be between a man and a woman.
  • Conservative Christian activists condemned the new rules yesterday.
  • Andrea Minichiello Williams of Christian Concern – an evangelical member of the CofE’s parliament, the General Synod – said: ‘These rules are unkind, unloving and lacking in compassion. We are all against bullying, but the Church is using these guidelines to pursue an agenda that runs counter to the Church’s teaching.’

Wow no wonder the people are confused when the Church leads the way in this stuff! We are drifting further and further into letting society dictate to the Church! God have mercy on us-Prune B.T.Boys in crown

Pass it on!

Do not keep it to yourself!

We are the only organisation that exists for the benefit of non members!

  1. First, CHRIST’S CHURCH IS TO BE A BLESSING. “I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing.” The object of God, in choosing a people before all worlds, was not only to save that people, but through them to confer essential benefits upon the whole human race. When he chose Abraham, he did not elect him simply to be God’s friend, and the recipient of peculiar privileges; but he chose him to make him, as it were, the conservator of truth. He was to be the ark in which the truth should be hidden. He was to be the keeper of the covenant in behalf of the whole world; and when God chooses any men by his sovereign, electing grace, and makes them Christ’s, he does it not only for their own sake, that they may be saved, but for the world’s sake. For, know ye not that “ye are the light of the world;” — “A city set upon a hill, which cannot be hid?” “Ye are the salt of the earth;” and when God makes you salt, it is not only that ye may have salt in yourselves, but that like salt ye may preserve the whole mass. If he makes you leaven, it is that, like the little leaven, you may leaven the whole lump. Salvation is not a selfish thing; God does not give it for us to keep to ourselves, but that we may thereby be made the means of blessing to others; and the great day shall declare that there is not a man living on the surface of the earth but has received a blessing in some way or other through God’s gift of the gospel. The very keeping of the wicked in life, and granting of the reprieve, was purchased with the death of Jesus; and through his sufferings and death, the temporal blessings which both we and they enjoy are bestowed on us. The gospel was sent that it might first bless those that embrace it, and then expand, so as to make them a blessing to the whole human race.
    In thus speaking of the church as a blessing, we shall notice three things. First, here is divinity — “I will make them a blessing;” secondly, here is personality of religion — “I will make them a blessing;” and thirdly, here is the development of religion” — “and the places round about my hill.”

Let us pass on the Gospel before it’s too late as we will not be able to evangelizePass-it-on-750 in Heaven!  God bless Prune B.T.

Don’t leave it too late!

The wonderful name of Jesus!

. And so shall the power of his name. Do you inquire what this is? Let me tell you. Seest thou yonder thief hanging upon the cross? Behold the fiends at the foot thereof, with open mouths; charming themselves with the sweet thought, that another soul shall give them meat in hell. Behold the death-bird, fluttering his wings over the poor wretch’s head; vengeance passes by and stamps him for her own; deep on his breast is written “a condemned sinner;” on his brow is the clammy sweat, expressed from him by agony and death. Look in his heart; it is filthy with the crust of years of sin; the smoke of lust is hanging within in black festoons of darkness; his whole heart is hell condensed. Now, look at him. He is dying. One foot seems to be in hell; the other hangs tottering in life — only kept by a nail. There is a power in Jesus’ eye. That thief looks: he whispers, “Lord, remember me.” Turn your eye again there. Do you see that thief? Where is the clammy sweat? It is there. Where is that horrid anguish? It is not there. Positively, there is a smile upon his lips. The fiends of hell, where are they? There are none: but a bright seraph is present, with his wings outspread, and his hands ready to snatch that soul, now a precious jewel, and bear it aloft to the palace of the great King. Look within his heart; it is white with purity. Look at his breast; it is not written “condemned,” but “justified.” Look in the book of life: his name is graven there. Look on Jesus’ heart: there on one of the precious stones he bears that poor thief’s name. Yea, once more, look! seest thou that bright one amid the glorified, clearer than the sun, and fair as the moon? That is the thief! That is the power of Jesus; and that power shall endure for ever. He who saved the thief can save the last man who shall ever live; for still
“There is a fountain filled with blood,
Drawn from Immanuel’s veins;
And sinners plunged beneath that flood
Lose all their guilty stains.
The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in his day;
O may I there, tho’ vile as he,
Wash all my sins away!
Dear dying Lamb! that precious blood
Shall never lose its power,
Till all the ransomed church of God
Be saved, to sin no more.”

Only one death bed conversion in scripture that we might not lose heart but only one that we may not be presumptuous!  The Lord is good trust Him today! Prune B.T.thief on the cross

The black hole of our health service!

The black hole in the UK health service!

  • The future shortfall in funding faced by the NHS in England will depend on the level of cost savings the NHS achieves.
  • If it makes no savings and funding rises only with inflation, the estimated gap will be at £30 billion by 2020/21. If it makes savings of 2-3% that gap falls to £8 billion.
  • That’s an optimistic target. Savings have been estimated at 1.5% a year from 2004/05 to 2011/12. And analysis suggests the performance of hospitals has fallen back in the following two years.
  • NHS leaders say there must be upfront investment in transforming the service in order to meet the target, while others have said that although transformation will lower costs it won’t do it by 2020.

Size of the shortfall

In the coming years the NHS in England is going to need to provide more services to more people in coming years due to, among other things, an increasing population and an increasing number of elderly patients.

If it’s going to provide the same sorts of services at the same quality to more patients than it currently does, it will either need more money on top of inflation or to find ways to make the money it does have go further. Or both.

So to estimate the size of the shortfall—effectively the amount of money the NHS will need from government—we need an estimate of how quickly it improves its efficiency.

Four possible futures were set out last year by a range of leading organisations in the English NHS. The Five Year Forward View considers the size of the shortfall based on different levels of efficiency savings.

In the least optimistic scenario, the NHS makes no efficiency savings. Even if its funding keeps pace with inflation, there’d be a £30 billion per year shortfall by 2020/21.

Even the most optimistic predictions on efficiency savings mean £8 billion a year above inflation would have to be found to close the gap. That would require efficiency savings of about 2-3% per year.

It is reckoned by 2020 5 million will be waiting operations that is around one in ten! Wow living longer causes these problems so we had better watch out, they may try and give us a pill! NHS could mean a New Heart from the Saviour!  Keep pressing on dear prunes!   Prune B.T.Shortfall in NHS

The power of prayer!

The power of prayer!

I notice the smallest meeting in so many churches I visit is the prayer meeting. Paul told timothy FIRST of all let prayer be made! FIRST of all wow in all our activities we need to cry to God for His help and power!

” To lose my Prayer-book, as I have often told you, is the worst thing that can happen to me. To have no one to pray for me would place me in a dreadful condition. “Perhaps,” says a good poet, ” the day when the world shall perish, will be the day unwhitened by a prayer;” and, perhaps, the day when a minister turned aside from truth, was the day when his people left off to pray for him, and when there was not a single voice supplicating grace on his behalf. I am sure, it must be so with me. Give me the numerous hosts of men whom it has been my pride and glory to see in my place before I came to this hall: give me those praying people, who on the Monday evening met in such a multitude to pray to God for a blessing, and we will overcome hell itself, in spite of all that may oppose us. All our perils are nothing, so long as we have prayer. But increase my congregation; give me the polite and the noble, — give me influence and understanding; and I should fail to do anything without a praying church. My people! shall I ever lose your prayers? Will ye ever cease your supplications? Our toils are nearly ended in this great place, and happy shall we be to return to our much-loved sanctuary. Will ye then ever cease to pray? I fear ye have not uttered so many prayers this morning as ye should have done; I fear there has not been so much earnest devotion as might have been poured forth. For my own part, I have not felt the wondrous power I sometimes experience. I will not lay it at your doors; but never let it be said, “Those people, once so fervent, have become cold!” Let not Laodiceanism get into Southwark; let us leave it here in the West-end, if it is to be anywhere; let us not carry it with us. Let us “strive together for the faith once delivered unto the saints:” and knowing in what a sad position the standard. bearer stands, I beseech you rally round him; for it will be ill with the army,
“If the standard bearer fall, as fall full well he may.
For never saw I promise yet, of such a deadly fray.”
Stand up my friends; grasp the banner yourselves, and maintain it erect until the day shall come, when standing on the last conquered castle of hell’s domains, we shall raise the shout, “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The Lord God Omnipotent reigneth!” Till that time, fight on.

Let us join in a fellowship of prayer for the Church !  Prune B.T.

Power of prayer 2