Faithfulness to God-that matters!

We are called to be faithful to preach the word the results are up to God!

  1. But our second remark was, that THE MINISTER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS SUCCESS. He is responsible for what he preaches; he is accountable for his life and actions; but he is not responsible for other people. If I do but preach God’s word, if there never were a soul saved, the King would say, “Well done, good and faithful Servant!” If I do but tell my message, if none should listen to it, he would say, “Thou hast fought the good fight: receive thy crown.” You hear the words of the text: “We are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, as well in them that perish, as in them that are saved.” This will appear, if I just tell you what a gospel minister is called in the Bible. Sometimes he is called an ambassador. Now, for what is an ambassador responsible? He goes to a country as a plenipotentiary; he carries terms of peace to the conference; he uses all his talents for his master; he tries to show that the war is inimical to the prosperity of the different countries; he endeavours to bring about peace; but the other kings haughtily refuse it. When he comes home does his master say, “Why did not you make peace?” “Why, my Lord,” he would say, “I told them the terms; but they said nothing.” “Well, then,” he will say, “thou hast done thy duty; I am not to condemn thee if the war continues.” Again the minister of the gospel is called a fisherman. Now a fisherman is not responsible for the quantity of fish he catches, but for the way he fishes. That is a mercy for some ministers, I am sure, for they have neither caught fish, for neither caught fish nor even attracted any round their nets. They have been spending all their life fishing with most elegant silk lines, and gold and silver hooks; they always use nicely polished phrases; but the fish will not bite for all that, whereas we of a rougher order have put the hook into the jaws of hundreds. However, if we cast the gospel net in the right place, even if we catch none, the Master will find no fault with us He will say, “Fisherman! didst thou labour? Didst thou throw the net into the sea in the time of storms?” “Yes, my Lord, I did.” “What hast thou caught?” “Only one or two.” “Well, I could have sent thee a shoal, if it so pleased me; it is not thy fault; I give in my sovereignty where I please; or withhold when I choose; but as for thee, thou hast well laboured, therefore there is thy reward.” Sometimes the minister is called a sower. Now, no farmer expects a sower to be responsible for the harvest; all he is responsible for is, does be sow the seed? and does he sow the right seed? If he scatters it on good soil, then he is happy; but if it falls by the way-side, and the fowls of the air devour it, who shall blame the sower? Could he help it? Nay, he did his duty; he scattered the seed broad-cast, and there he left it. Who is to blame? Certainly not the sower

Often Satan guilt trips us to examine our work and compare it with others! Do not do that just keep faithfully doing what you need to do and God will bring His increase!  Prune B.T.Success


Yet more killing!

Yet more killing!

How tragic that in a Texas Baptist Church yet another USA shooting and killing spree. It seems the right to bear arms is so important, but so is the right for safety and something must be done! President Trump says good job a shooter shooting the other way or more would be killed! If guns were not so easily obtainable perhaps there would not have been a shooting at all!

  • At least 26 people are dead and 20 are injured after a gunman opened fire on a congregation at the First Baptist church in the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday.
  • 23 people died inside the church, two were found dead outside and one died on the way to hospital.
  • The age of the victims ranges from five to 72. Several are still in hospital with injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening.
  • The gunman has not been officially identified by police, but has been described as a white male aged in his 20s wearing tactical-style gear and a ballistic vest.
  • Several US media outlets reported the suspect’s name as Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, based on briefings from unnamed law enforcement sources.
  • An Air Force spokeswoman said Kelley served from 2010 to 2014 and left following a court martial. He received a bad conduct discharge for assaulting his wife and child.
  • Police said the suspect was first seen at a gas station in Sutherland Springs at about 11.20am on Sunday, before he started shooting at the church from the outside and then walked inside and continued shooting.
  • He was tackled by a local as he exited the church. He fled the scene in his car, pursued by two locals and police, and was found dead after a brief chase when his vehicle crashed.
  • It is not known if he died from a self-inflicted wound or a shot fired by the local who first intercepted him.
  • President Donald Trump, who is in Tokyo, has said the shooting was a “horrible crime” and an “act of evil.” He blamed the suspect’s “mental health problems” and said this was “not a guns situation”.
  • Trump said it was lucky that “someone was firing in the opposite direction” otherwise more people would have died.
  • Texas governor Greg Abbott said it was the worst mass shooting in modern Texas history.
  • Authorities have not named any victims, but First Baptist church pastor Frank Pomeroy said his 14-year-old daughter was among the dead.
  • God have mercy on USA and give wisdom – bless all those who grieve but many would go to heaven! Perilous times are with us –Be safe Prune B.T.
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Triumph through suffering!

Triumph through suffering!

Dear old Spurgeon reminds us that through all the suffering the Lord causes us to triumph in and by the power of Christ!

“For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. And who is sufficient for these things?” — 2 Corinthians 2:15-16.
THESE ARE THE words of Paul, speaking on the behalf of himself and his brethren the Apostles, and they are true concerning all those who by the Spirit are chosen, qualified, and thrust into the vineyard to preach God’s gospel. I have often admired the 14th verse of this chapter, especially when I have remembered from whose lips the words fell, “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” Picture Paul, the aged, the man who had been beaten five times with forty stripes save one,’ who had been dragged forth for dead, the man of great sufferings, who had passed through whole seas of persecution only think of him saying, at the close of his ministerial career, “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ!” to triumph when shiprecked, to triumph when scourged, to triumph in the stocks, to triumph under the stones, to triumph amidst the hiss of the world, to triumph when he was driven from the city and shook off the dust from his feet, to triumph at all times in Christ Jesus! Now, if some ministers of modern times should talk thus, we would think little of it, for they enjoy the world’s applause They can always go to their place in ease and peace; they have an admiring people, and no open foes; against them not a dog doth move his tongue; everything is safe and pleasant, For them to say, “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph” is a very little thing; but for one like Paul, so trampled on, so tried, so distressed, to say it-then, we say, outspoke a hero; here is a man who had true faith in God and in the divinity of his mission.
And, my brethren, how sweet is that consolation which Paul applied to his own heart amid all his troubles. “Notwithstanding all,” he says, “God makes known the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” Ah! with this thought a minister may lay his head upon his pillow: “God makes manifest the savour of his knowledge.” With this he may shut his eyes when his career is over, and with this he may open them in heaven: “God hath made known by me the savour of his knowledge in every place,” Then follow the words of my text, of which I shall speak, dividing it into three particulars. Our first remark shall be, that although the gospel is “a sweet savour” in every place, yet it produces different effects in different persons; to one it is the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life.” Our second observation shall be, that ministers of the gospel are not responsible for their success, for it is said. “We are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish.” And thirdly, yet the gospel ministers place is by no means a light one: his duty is very weighty; for the Apostle himself said, “Who is sufficient for these things?”

Keep going dear ones preach the Gospel and let the Lord use you in these days!

Prune B.T.victory

Only one river for cleansing from sin!


I have been watching the BBC program about India and the river Ganges tracing its source, and then to the sea.

Hindus worship the Ganges as a goddess and millions every year think they can wash away their sins in the river. What a sad sight to see  millions of people dip at dawn in those filthy waters!

Millions of gallons of untreated sewage pour into the Ganges every day and all sorts of other muck and stuff. However Mother Ganges carries everything away as she can take it like a mother!

Folks on the trains crossing over the sacred water throw coins in the river as an offering to her! Young boys go out in small boats with unusual fishing rods. They tie several magnets on a long pole attached to rope and comb the bottom for the offerings!

This is the only money they can get to keep them alive and many sleep on the streets and that is so dangerous! Let us pray that eyes will be open to see there is a river filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins and sinners plunge beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains!

May the Lord make us thankful for Gospel truth and pray millions in India will turn from the creation to see the creator and His provision on the cross!  God bless you all-Prune B.T.Ganges

Face to face with Christ our saviour!

Lo But now, secondly, THE MATTER OF THIS PASSAGE. And here we will dive into the very depths of it, God helping us; for without the Spirit of God I feel I am utterly unable to speak to you. I have not those gifts and talents which qualify men to speak; I need an afflatus from no high, otherwise I stand like other men and have nought to say. May that be given me; for without it I am dumb. As for the matter of this verse, methinks it contains a double blessing. The first is a beholding — “I will behold thy face in righteousness,” and the next is a satisfaction — “I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness.”
Let us begin with the first, then. David expected that he should behold God’s face. What a vision will that be, my brethren! Have you ever seen God’s hand? I have seen it, when sometimes he places it across the sky, and darkens it with clouds. I have seen God’s hand sometimes, when the ears of night drag along the shades of darkness. I have seen his hand when, launching the thunder-bolt, his lightning splits the clouds and rends the heavens. Perhaps ye have seen it in a gentler fashion, when it pours out the water and sends it rippling along in rills, and then rolls into rivers. Ye have seen it in the stormy ocean — in the sky decked with stars, in the earth gemmed with flowers; and there is not a man living who can know all the wonders of God’s hand. His creation is so wondrous that it would take more than a life-time to understand it. Go into the depths of it, let its minute parts engage your attention; next take the telescope, and try to see remote worlds, and can I see all God’s handiwork — behold all his hand? No, not so much as one millionth part of the fabric. That mighty hand wherein the callow comets are brooded by the sun, in which the planets roll in majestic orbits; that mighty hand which holds all space, and grasps all beings — that mighty hand, who can behold it? but if such be his hand, what must his face be? Ye have heard God’s voice sometimes, and ye have trembled; I, myself, have listened awe-struck, and yet with a marvellous joy, when I have heard God’s voice, like the noise of many waters, in the great thunderings. Have you never stood and listened, while the earth shook and trembled, and the very spheres stopped their music, while God’spoke with his wondrous deep bass voice? Yes, ye have heard that voice, and there is a joy marvellously instinct with love which enters into my soul, whenever I hear the thunder. It is my Father speaking, and my heart leaps to hear him. But you never heard God’s loudest voice. It was but the whisper when the thunder rolled. But if such be the voice, what must it be to behold his face? David said, “I will behold thy face.” It is said of the temple of Diana, that it was so splendidly decorated with gold, and so bright and shining, that a porter at the door always said to every one that entered, “Take heed to your eyes, take heed to your eyes; you will be struck with blindness unless you take heed to your eyes.” But oh! that view of glory! That great appearance. The vision of God! to see him face to face, to enter into heaven, and to see the righteous shining bright as stars in the firmament; but best of all, to catch a glimpse of the eternal throne! Ah! there he sits! Twere almost blasphemy for me to attempt to describe him. How infinitely far my poor words fall below the mighty subject! But to behold God’s face. I will not speak of the lustre of those eyes, or the majesty of those lips, that shall speak words of love and affection; but to behold his face’ Ye who have dived into the Godhead’s deepest sea, and have been lost in its immensity, ye can tell a little of it! Ye naughty “ones, who have lived in heaven these thousand years perhaps ye know, but ye cannot tell, What it is to see his face. We must each of us go there we must be clad with immortality. We must go above the blue sky, and bathe we-shall-behold-him- in the river of life: we must outsoar the lightning, and rise above the stars to know what it is to see God’s face.  Thank you Lord for this great hope Prune BT.

Fraud costing millions!

Fraud in the National Health Service U.K.

Fraud is costing the NHS £5bn a year, with a further £2bn lost to financial errors, the former head of its anti-fraud section says.

The amount lost to fraud alone could pay for nearly 250,000 new nurses, a report seen by Panorama suggests.

The NHS must “get on with tackling the problem”, said Jim Gee, co-author of the Portsmouth University study and ex-director of NHS Counter Fraud Services.

The Department of Health said it “did not recognise” the figures.

The amount estimated by Mr Gee, who led the NHS anti-fraud section for eight years until 2006, is 20 times that recorded in the government’s annual fraud indicator report.

It is based on worldwide figures, which suggest average losses to fraud and error of just under 7% of healthcare budgets.

“If the NHS is in line with the rest of the world it is losing £7bn,” Mr Gee, who is currently Director of Counter Fraud Services at BDO LLP, told BBC Breakfast.

He said the UK-wide figures had to be extrapolated because “the NHS in recent years has stopped measuring its own losses” – only looking at those for dental and pharmaceutical services.

Key types of fraud include the non-payment of prescription charges by patients, medical professionals claiming for work they have not done and overcharging by contractors, said Mr Gee.

“We need to not be embarrassed, or in denial, about the possibility of fraud taking place in the NHS,” he told Panorama.

“We need to get on with tackling the problem, minimising its cost, maximising resources available for proper patient care.”

The £2bn cost of errors relate to when the NHS makes overpayments by mistake to suppliers or staff.

Although the NHS has a budget of about £100bn, it is having to make significant savings and should prioritise fighting fraud, said Mr Gee.

“I think fraud is one of the last great unreduced healthcare costs. And to me, putting money into it makes absolute sense,” he said.

“It’s one of the least painful ways of cutting costs. It makes absolute sense to cut the cost of fraud before you cut the quality, or extent of patient services.”

The Department of Health declined to be interviewed but in a statement said “it did not recognize” the figure or “speculate on levels of losses”.

Wow what a sad reflection on the dishonesty of the human heart and the need for the Gospel! Pray on for the U.K.  Prune B.T.nhs fraud logo2


Who can forgive sins?

Forgive sins

The second point is, THE DEED OF MERCY. We have found out the persons to whom God will give mercy; now what is mercy’s deed? It is a deed of forgiveness, and in speaking of it, I shall speak first of its being a divine forgiveness — “I, even I, am he.” Divine pardon is the only forgiveness possible; for no one can remit sin but God only, and it matters not whether a Roman Catholic Priest, or any other priest shall say in the name of God, “I absolve thee from thy transgressions,” it is abominable blasphemy. If a man has offended me I can forgive him, but if he has offended God I cannot forgive him. The only discharge possible is pardon by God; but then it is the only pardon necessary. Suppose I have so sinned that the king or the queen will not pardon me, that my brethren will not forgive me, and that I cannot pardon myself; if God absolves me, that is all the acquittal that will be necessary for my salvation. Perhaps I stand condemned by the law of my country: I am a murderer and must suffer on the scaffold; the queen refuses to pardon, and perhaps she does right in such a refusal; but I do not want her forgiveness in order to enter heaven; if God acquits me, that will be enough. Were I such a reprobate that all men hissed at me and wished me gone from existence, if I knew that they would never forgive my crime — though I ought to desire my fellow- creatures’ forgiveness — it would not be necessary that I should have it to enter heaven. It God’says, I forgive thee, that is enough. It is only God that can forgive satisfactorily; because no human pardon can ease the troubled conscience. The self-righteous Pharisee may be content to give himself into the hands of a priest to be rocked to sleep in the cradle of delusion, but the poor convinced sinner wants something more than the arrogant dictum of a priest — ten thousand of them, with all their enchantments, he feels to be all in vain, unless Jehovah himself shall say, “I have blotted out thy sins for mine own sake.”

A good reminder that the Reformation points us to scripture, and the cross, death, and resurrection, of our wonderful Jesus. Nothing in my hand I bring simply to the cross I cling!

Keep trusting- love Prune B.T.